NotePad Plus

NotePad Plus

NotePad Plus is deluxe version of Notepad

NotePad Plus software program is a useful text writing application that uses a Rich Text format to control font size and color. NotePad integrates sleek looks with the same multimedia controls of popular players.

The application saves the last screen automatically. Additionally, the NotePad Plus software program includes syntax highlighting and syntax folding along with user defined syntax highlighting.

With its auto-completion and regular expression search and replace feature, this program assists designers and developers in the creation and editing of many types of files.

NotePad Plus software program has the WYSIWYG feature as well as brace and indent guideline highlighting. This application works with tabs, so it's very easy to work with multiple files open at the same time.

Also, the ability to compare texts by using the tab system allows the comparison between several different texts. The NotePad Plus software program is a useful tool for nearly anyone who writes and needs a simple program that is easily managed and edited.